Who is Bob Baker and R Baker (Electrical) Ltd

Who is Bob Baker and R Baker (Electrical) Ltd

Where did it all start?

Bob Baker founded R Baker (Electrical) Ltd in 1982 and has been Managing Director ever since. Bob was formerly a Works Director of Massey Coggins Ltd in Liverpool before it closed; where he managed the transformer department.

Bob took his drive and passion for Electrical Engineering and opened R Baker (Electrical) Ltd on the 12th July 1982 in Speke Hall Industrial Estate, close to Liverpool Airport. The business today is still based in Speke, Liverpool; only 2 miles away from its original location. 

First unit - R Baker (Electrical) Ltd

The business started with a small team of five engineers, who were highly experienced and skilled in the field of Electrical Engineering. This is still the core focus, with manufacturing and repair of electrical and mechanical equipment at the heart of the business.

From day one the business ethos has been ensuring customers come first and that engineers have the skill base to take on engineering jobs other businesses can’t.

The growth and the people

Like any business; R Baker (Electrical) Ltd started small, but soon started to see growth. This required the business to expand out of the one small unit, into three units. In 1983, due to increasing demand Bob took the decision to expand again to a larger unit, offering the facility to work on larger jobs.

This growth led to the business starting an apprenticeship scheme and developing engineers for the future. This was required to ensure the business could fulfil the new requirements from the expanding customer base and tailor the skill base to the specific needs of the business. Even today R Baker (Electrical) Ltd run an apprenticeship scheme; only last month a new apprentice started. This is something Bob Baker has always taken very seriously and has a passion for. Bob has always want to help young people get into Engineering, no matter what their background. The business has a very good record of employing young apprentices and making them into highly skilled engineers. In the last 5 years we have had 5 engineers complete their HNC in Electrical Engineering.  

Some of the engineers who completed their apprenticeships in the late 1990’s still work in the business today and are an important part of the business. 

Bob Baker

Moving to Evans Road

Due to the business building relationships with the likes of the MoD, Pilkington Glass and BAE Systems (Formerly VT Shipbuilding) the business gained momentum and started to win larger contracts so required an even larger facility. In 1989 Bob Baker took the decision to relocate to new premises to fulfil the increasing demand. 

A site was found on Evans Road, only a few miles away, where a new manufacturing facility was required. This offered the business the opportunity to ensure all the latest technology and machines could be installed. The new factory would be 1000 sq metres and was operational by late 1989. Bob Baker and his team project managed the build from start to finish ensuring that everything was the way it should be.

Transformer, Bespoke

By expanding the business into the purpose built facility the business took on new opportunities which led to working on prestigious contracts, such as supplying transformers for the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier.

The business is still located at this site today and has enjoyed many successful years. In this period Bob Baker’s daughter and son have joined the business. Emma Baker is Accounts Manager and Gareth Baker is currently Business Manager. 

Bob has over 50 years experience within the electrical manufacturing sector; and has driven the development of the business and its reputation for producing high quality products, coupled with excellent technical and design performance.

Bob Baker started the business with a passion for engineering and still loves the challenges the industry throws at him. In 2017 the business will celebrate its 35th anniversary which everyone in the business is proud of, no more than Bob Baker. 

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