AC coil and DC coil manufacturing services

AC coil and DC coil manufacturing services

Coil manufacturing services

R Baker (Electrical) Ltd’s coil manufacturing process is tailored to make precisely the right coil for you. We manufacture AC Coils and DC Coils, including full rewinds. We work alongside the leading switchgear and rail companies in the UK to offer high precision windings. This has led us to managing and manufacturing a large amount of obsolete coils and components for these sectors.

Our coil winding experience

We have a multi-disciplinary team who have an in-depth knowledge of high-quality windings. For over 34 years we have been supplying wound components, such as rotors, stators, armatures, and coils.

Not only do we manufacture we also repair a large range of wound components. Our customers include the likes of Unipart Rail, Rolls Royce and leading UK switchgear companies. This has given us a great understanding of reverse engineering obsolete items.

A large amount of our winding service requires us to manufacture coil assemblies. This includes fabricating contactors, coil assemblies and one off bobbins. We have the facility to design, rewind and manufacture to meet any specification. Using our experience, we can duplicate or rebuild most electrical coils, even if they are heavily burnt or damaged. We also have the ability to convert your coil to a different operating current or voltage if required.

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How we rewind coils

Skilled armature winders operate armature winding machines as well as hand winding specials. Our coil rewinding and electrical maintenance team is capable of servicing and repairing all types of electric coils.

Our winding team operate out of winding facilities in Liverpool, UK. As part of our coil winding services, we can supply coils with full working drawings and component lists. If the coil required is a ‘one-off’ and or batch order we can tailor our winding systems to fit your needs. We can source the exact wire required for your windings and manufacture custom made bobbins to your specification.

Winding data is recorded throughout the rewind process. This is to ensure coils are rewound to their original specification. All coils are electrically tested for insulation and electrical properties before dispatch.

We have an on-going commitment to excellent customer service, from quote through to delivery. This includes short lead-times and competitive prices to ensure you get the service you expect. Quality is a major part of our business, all quality standards and procedures are carried out to BS EN ISO 9001:2000. These procedures are audited independently by BSI throughout the year. We also work with all the leading testing and quality authorities such as BSI, DNV, Lloyds, NSN, Nemko and VDE to give our clients real peace of mind.

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Other winding services

• Stator

• Solenoid

• Encapsulated coils

• Motors

• Pumps

• Armatures

• Field systems

How can we help you?

We specialise in all wound components, this ranges from electrical coils through to transformers. Having a diverse customer base we are able to offer a solution tailored to your needs. Our team have the systems and standards in place to be able to ensure peace of mind when dealing with us.

Our goal is to ensure we issue quotes within 24 – 48 hours when possible. But also offer you the best possible leads time on all new and repaired equipment.

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