Custom Made Transformers

Custom Made Transformers

Our transformer services

We specialise in the design and manufacture of custom made transformers and wound components. Our in-house engineering staff are ready to custom design a solution to fit your requirements.

We offer this service for each transformer we manufacture, this makes sure you get the transformer you need. Our custom made transformer range includes three and single phase transformers. Transformers are used for a variety of purposes and may need a custom design to meet specification. This is where we can help.

Custom design transformers

Throughout the transformer design process we can produce drawings and data sheets to aid you before ordering. Not only will this ensure you get the solution you need, this information can be used to further aid the end user.

Standard transformers do not always meet the size, IP rating or voltage you need. This is not a problem as our team has the design experience and software to offer a solution to best fit your need.

Call our transformer team on 0151 486 6760 for more information.

Transformer Lead times

Our team will work with you to offer you the best possible lead times. We stock a huge range of bobbins, cores, frames and enclosures so that we can manufacture transformers in the shortest time possible. If you need a transformer for a specific date, let our team know at time of quoting.

Transformer enclosures

Our transformers are used in a range of environments; meaning size and IP rating is important. You may work in a hazardous area or a marine environment which both have unique enclosures. Our team can tell you what IP rating is required and also if you need an ATEX enclosure.

Also there is many ways to design a transformer, so if space is at a premium we can design the transformer and enclosure to meet your needs.

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