Our technical team can help to design, modify and reverse engineer to your specification.

Here at R Baker (Electrical) Ltd we are committed to excellence in the field of manufacturing, with a range of electrical transformers designed and produced in-house. Our company has a track record of manufacturing quality electrical products for over 30 years. We manufacture all of our products at our excellent workshop facilities in Liverpool, and employ a highly skilled technical team who are able to accommodate a wide range of design possibilities.


500va Transformer Services

Our experience of building transformers extends across many different operating environments. We have manufactured items for use across rail, marine and offshore settings, as well as others. This has given us great insight into how each different environment can provide varying operational challenges. With this in mind, all of our 500va transformers include protection from humidity, vibration, dust and gas.

All of the 500va transformers that are manufactured by R Baker are fully compliant with BS EN ISO 9001:2000, unless there have been other particular standards requested. Ensuring that we meet all appropriate safety standards is of major importance to us, so we make sure to subject all of our processes to internal and external audits on a regular basis. We do this to ensure that we’re continually setting the highest standards for manufacturing processes and customer service.

We apply the same ethos of quality to every item we produce, whether it be the largest or the smallest transformer in our range, a standard which certainly applies to our ability to manufacture excellent 500va transformers to meet each clients’ needs. Whatever your transformer preference, we can help you to find a design solution that fits your needs, in terms of dimensions, materials and additional features.

We build all of our electrical transformers at our workshop in Liverpool. It’s important to our commitment to the highest standards that our highly skilled technical team handle all manufacturing in-house, ensuring it is delivered to the highest standards. We can handle pretty much any bespoke request a client may come up with, and always commit to manufacturing 500va transformers that are safe, durable, and provide great performance for a long period of time.

Customer service is a real priority at R Baker, as we seek to equip clients with transformers they can rely on. As well as tailoring our manufacturing processes to fit your exact needs, we are also able to supply your 500va transformer complete with full working drawings, itemised component lists and instruction manuals in any language you want.

Additional Support

Give our friendly and experienced customer service team a ring on 0151 486 6760. They will be able to answer the majority of your questions on our 500va transformer range, and for more technical conversations they can transfer you directly through to a member of our technical staff.

You can call our offices throughout our Monday to Friday working hours to talk over any problems or issues you may have. We can also guarantee rapid lead-times to every client as part of our customer guarantees, so any problem will be dealt with swiftly. Each client will receive specific support for their 500va transformer needs.

Transformer range

  • Current transformers
  • Auto transformers
  • Isolation transformers
  • Earthing transformers
  • Bushing transformers
  • Custom built transformers
  • Air cooled transformers
  • Air cooled transformers
  • Liquid cooled transformers (oil immersed)
  • Harmonic current reduction transformers
  • Step up and step down transformers
  • Delta/Star, Interconnected Star transformers
  • Auto wound, phase shifted scott & tapped delta transformers
  • Marine / offshore transformers
  • Transformer-rectifier units for D.C. power supplies
  • Military transformers / NSN / NATO transformers
  • Zone 1 and Zone 2 (Exd) hazardous areas transformers
  • Transformer maintenance programmes