UK transformer manufacturer

Our technical team can help to design, modify and reverse engineer to your specification.

It’s important to find a control panel transformer manufacturer you can trust. R Baker (Electrical) Ltd are a leading UK single phase transformer manufacturer with a full range of bespoke design, build and repair services all in-house. We have a commitment to drive innovation through design and quality standards. We manufacture control panel transformers for use across different industry sectors. Regardless of your transformer requirements, our team can offer the best design and technical advice in the UK.

Our control panel transformer range

Our range of control panel transformers starts from 500VA. We also have all the facilities to manufacture and rewind single phase transformers up to 150kVA. We’re passionate about creating a solution to meet every challenge. Our product range can be made directly to your requirements and are ideal for use across a vast array of environments. Additionally, we work alongside all the leading quality and testing authorities such as; DNV, BSI, Lloyds, Nemko, NSN and VDE. Transformers are designed and manufactured in accordance with EN61558-2-2 (BS3535, VDE 0550/0551)

We are an independent UK transformer company offering world class transformer services, therefore we can be on hand to assist you with design through to final testing. Our control panel transformer team can help to design and reverse engineer transformers to your needs.

Our control panel transformer range is designed for use in commercial, rail, offshore and military

Transformer range

  • Fully compliant with BS 3535:1990 (EN 60742)
  • Custom termination points built in as required
  • Shock proof finger proof block terminals to BS EN Standards
  • Either 230/240V or 400/415/440V primary tappings for use with both British or European mains supply voltages
  • Two secondary voltage options are offered, both of which are provided with a centre tap
  • Mounting brackets to DIN 41307
  • Nylon Brushes Fitted for lower core-loss and higher efficiency
  • Made in the UK 

Transformer repairs & rewinds

R Baker (Electrical) Ltd provide full, turnkey transformer rewind solutions. We have over 34 years of experience in rewinding and repairing transformers. Not only can we rewind transformers, we can also reverse engineer damaged control panel transformersTherefore we can manufacture new transformers which are past being rewound. Our panel transformer team is one of the leading technical teams in the UK. We value our customers and try to build long-lasting relationships based on trust and value. We are available 7 days a week; providing you with peace of mind that we are ready for critical breakdown situations.

To read more about our transformer rewind and repair service click here.

Case studies

150VA transformers

Our client required us to design and manufacture two open style transformers to meet precise tolerances and to be used within defence application. These items where to used within a weapons systems panel and required on a monthly basis to meet customer demands.

Custom panel transformer

Our client was moving premises and building new control systems for their new testing facilities. Our electrical team worked closely with them to offer advice in regards to design and manufacturing of the new control panels and transformers which would be housed in them.

Defence transformer

We were tasked by a Babcock Marine to design control transformers in accordance with EN61558-2-2 and to meet defence application. Using our in-house transformer design software we were able to offer a range of solutions for our client to use within their design scope.

Product overview

Voltage Up to 690v

Cooling Air (A/N)

Sectors All sectors

kVA Up to 150kVA

Enclosure Up to IP66

Location European service