Features & benefits

Our technical team can help to design, modify and reverse engineer to your specification.

Our electrical team complements its outstanding manufacturing and repair service with a reliable transformer maintenance and onsite repair service, consisting of a wide range of electrical work including transformer installation and a 24hr reactive maintenance inspection and testing.

 Onsite transformer maintenance services

Our onsite transformer repair team work across a range of sectors including factories, offshore vessels, and military vessels. Our fully trained transformer maintenance team specialise in the installing, overhauling, cleaning and repairing of transformer up to 1MVA.

R Baker (Electrical) Ltd is based in Liverpool and aims to provide full turnkey solutions driven by in-house excellence, and the effective use of our electrical manufacturing and repair service. Our transformer maintenance team service a wide range of electrical equipment across the UK, guaranteeing to provide a cost effective and quality assured services. We can offer services from a routine transformer maintenance service to full rewinds service from our workshop in Liverpool. 


Transformer testing & oil sampling

Transformers over time will develop crucial problems where this can be prevented by regular transformer oil testing and general inspection. Our transformer team can help develop a maintenance plan to ensure all transformers are inspected regularly and full records are kept to keep your plant in good working order. This reduce the need for downtime when a transformer fails and requires a total rewind. 

Our onsite transformer range

  • Transformer installation
  • Power supply installation
  • Overhaul of distribution transformers
  • Electrical installation
  • Remedial works & electrical fault finding
  • Onsite electrical maintenance programmes
  • Single Phase 230V and 3 Phase 400V systems
  • istribution board & earthing upgrades

Case studies

Onsite transformer repair

Our team attended our client's site to remove a three phase 750kVa transformer; which required one of the phases to be rewound. This was achieved with 5 day turnaround to ensure production was up and running as soon as possible.

Onsite transformer maintenance

Our client had 9 power transformers onsite and required our team to carry out a full survey and inspection. This included oil sampling and visual inspection and issuing a full report. The report highlighted critical maintenance was required and was carried out to ensure our client had no downtime.

Transformer test and repair

We enjoy a strong relationship with the MoD and repair a wide range of transformers for use within a military application; including isolation transformers. These transformers range from 1kVA up to 150kVA.

Product overview

Voltage Up to 33 KV

Cooling Air (A/N) Oil Filled

Sectors All sectors

kVA Up to 1 MVA

Enclosure Up to IP66

Location UK