Our technical team can help to design, modify and reverse engineer to your specification.

As a leading power transformer manufacturer, we offer a range of transformers suitable for all kinds of applications and industries. With the facilities available at our purpose built manufacturing and maintenance workshop in Liverpool, we can also offer full repair and rewind services, as well as helping clients to develop ongoing maintenance strategies. With over 30 years’ experience we’ve developed the ability to work very closely with our clients so that we can provide the ideal solution for your particular requirements, no matter how unique or demanding. Our experience in doing so has been born out of working with the kind of clients that have highly exacting requirements; such as those in the chemical, military and offshore fields.

Range of products and services available

As well as manufacturing single and three phase transformers from 18VA up to 1MVA and our in-house repair and rewind services, we also offer a range of bespoke services and solutions to meet the requirements of a diverse customer base. Our electrical transformer team work closely with our client’s own teams to help design, modify and reverse engineer to their exact specification.

Our custom built power transformer range is designed for use in commercial, rail, offshore and military

Hazardous area equipment

We also specialise in hazardous area equipment and offer design, manufacture, repair and maintenance for power transformers compliant with the leading testing and quality authorities, such as ATEX, BSI, DNV, Lloyds, ABS, NSN, Nemko and VDE. We work with leading offshore and marine companies and have developed our Ex transformers for use in arduous environments such as on oil rigs and other situations where there are high levels of vibration and humidity.

Our hazardous area equipment is bespoke to suit your specific requirements. Whether your requirement is for explosion proof transformers or standard hazardous area transformers we can offer design, manufacture and repair solutions.

Our Products

For more in depth details of our full product range please click on any of the links below, or look in the products and services section. Alternatively just give us a call on 0151 486 6760 so we can advise how we can best meet your needs.

Case studies

8000A transformer

To manufacture an open style transformer designed to offer the customer 8000A at 9 volts. Our design team were required to design the transformer to be built on a movable unit which would allow the operator the facility to move the transformer into place when testing equipment.

Bespoke solution

Our client required a solution to increase production within the foam packing business. Our team worked with the client to develop and manufacture a single phase variable transformer which was designed to be installed on stainless steel table. This solution was designed for heavy usage and to reduce cutting time when cutting foam sheets.

72kVA variable transformer

We were tasked by a motor manufacturer to design a test unit which required our team to design a system with a 72kVA transformer and a drive to offer the facility for the operator to change the voltage, current and frequency. The unit was designed and manufactured within a stainless steel enclosure with a user control panel to offer ease of use.

Transformer range

  • Current transformers
  • Auto transformers
  • Isolation transformers
  • Earthing transformers
  • Bushing transformers
  • Custom built transformers
  • Air cooled transformers
  • Air cooled transformers
  • Liquid cooled transformers (oil immersed)
  • Harmonic current reduction transformers
  • Step up and step down transformers
  • Delta/Star, Interconnected Star transformers
  • Auto wound, phase shifted scott & tapped delta transformers
  • Marine / offshore transformers
  • Transformer-rectifier units for D.C. power supplies
  • Military transformers / NSN / NATO transformers
  • Zone 1 and Zone 2 (Exd) hazardous areas transformers
  • Transformer maintenance programmes

Product overview

Voltage Up to 33.000KV

Cooling <50kVA Air Cooled >50kVA Liquid Cooled

Sectors Offshore Petrochemical Defence Food

kVA up to 500 kVA

Enclosure ATEX approved Zone 1 & Zone 2

Location Worldwide service