Our technical team can help to design, modify and reverse engineer to your specification.

Here at R Baker (Electrical) Ltd, we have a track record in designing and manufacturing quality electrical equipment to specifically meet each client’s requirements. With a track record of over 30 years in the industry, we are experts in ensuring each solenoid we produce is perfectly matched to a client’s safety and performance needs for their setting.


Electrical Solenoid Services

We understand the importance of being able to maintain safe and stable electrical current within your system, and you can have full confidence that our experienced technical team produce every solenoid to the highest standards. Every electrical item that we produce conforms fully to all BS EN ISO 9001:2000 standards. In addition to the experience and ability of our team, we are also constantly monitoring our manufacturing standards through both internal and external audits to ensure that we keep to our ethos of excellence throughout all of our design, manufacture and customer service.

With our experience in manufacturing solenoids for use in a wide range of different operating environments, we understand the varied needs presented by each different setting. With this in mind, we ensure that each solenoid we produce is capable of dealing with the challenges of operating in environments with humidity, vibration and dust.

We are happy to be in conversation with each client throughout our manufacturing processes, giving them the chance to provide clear input on their solenoid requirements to help us reach their ideal solution. We have a long history of designing and manufacturing high quality solenoids alongside our transformer range. Each solenoid we manufacture can be supplied with full component lists and operating instructions in any language required.

Every solenoid that we design and manufacture is done so at our excellent workshop facilities in Liverpool. We oversee the production of every single product in-house as it allows us to ensure that they adhere to the highest standards. Our technical team are able to offer a host of bespoke possibilities, as we want to provide you with a solenoid that matches your exact needs in terms of dimension, style and capabilities.

Customer Support

Our customer service team are available to call throughout our Monday to Friday working hours, and as part of our customer service guarantees, we also offer rapid lead-times to deal with any problems as quickly as possible. Every single solenoid that we manufacture is produced to the highest standards of quality and safety, but in the event that they need any correction, we can provide that as soon as possible. We guarantee this to each of our clients, providing them with technical support wherever and whenever they need it.

Please contact our friendly customer service team on 0151 486 6760 if you would like to discuss any further information about the solenoids we manufacture. They can refer you on to our technical staff if you require detailed design conversations.