Our technical team can help to design, modify and reverse engineer to your specification.

Here at our state of the art, fully equipped Liverpool workshop, we have the facilities to offer a full transformer rewind service for single and three phase transformers. Over time transformers are prone to failures. This can be due to overloading, over working or lapses in proper maintenance. When this occurs, a transformer may require an overhaul and/or be rewound. At R Baker (Electrical) Ltd, our repair and maintenance team have the technical knowhow to repair and rewind a range of transformers. They can help to design, modify or even reverse engineer to your exact specifications to ensure transformers are repaired to the correct design and specifications.

We offer a full rewind and overhaul service

Our transformer repairs team are on hand 7 days a week to ensure we can sort out our client’s repair issues quickly and so avoid extended and expensive downtime. We can offer a full transformer rewinding service, and have provided this across diverse business sectors such as; rail, nuclear, university and chemical industries, and have extensive experience working with clients with very exacting demands such as in the offshore and military sectors. So whatever your particular repair or rewind requirements, we are sure to be able to help.

We work to strict quality standards and procedures which are monitored independently to BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000, and are subject to a programme of regular external and internal audits. As well as this, we also work with the leading testing and quality authorities such as BSI, DNV, Lloyds, ABS, NSN, Nemko and VDE. All of the above ensures that we are able to offer our customers complete peace of mind and a fast efficient service, working closely in consultation with your own teams to ensure that issues are resolved efficiently, cost effectively and with a minimum of downtime.

We can offer

  • Repair of all transformers up to 1MVA
  • Full repair and overhaul of ATEX transformers
  • On-site sample and inspection services
  • Visual inspection of transformers for leaks
  • Complete transformer rewinding services

Our transformer range

  • Current transformers
  • Auto transformers
  • Isolation transformers
  • Earthing transformers
  • Bushing transformers
  • Custom built transformers
  • Air cooled transformers
  • Air cooled transformers
  • Liquid cooled transformers (oil immersed)
  • Harmonic current reduction transformers
  • Step up and step down transformers
  • Delta/Star, Interconnected Star transformers
  • Auto wound, phase shifted scott & tapped delta transformers
  • Marine / offshore transformers
  • Transformer-rectifier units for D.C. power supplies
  • Military transformers / NSN / NATO transformers
  • Zone 1 and Zone 2 (Exd) hazardous areas transformers
  • Transformer maintenance programmes

Case studies

Onsite transformer repair

Our team attended our client's site to remove a three phase 750kVa transformer; which required one of the phases to be rewound. This was achieved with 5 day turnaround to ensure production was up and running as soon as possible.

Transformer maintenance

Our client had 9 power transformers onsite and required our team to carry out a full survey and inspection. This included oil sampling and visual inspection and issuing a full report. The report highlighted critical maintenance was required and was carried out to ensure our client had no downtime.

Product overview

Voltage up to 33KV

Cooling air (A/N) oil filling

Sectors all sectors

kVA up to 1mVA

Enclosure Up to IP66

Location UK