Transformer Refurbishment

Transformer Refurbishment

Transformer Failures

Many transformers are approaching or have passed the end of their typical life period. The typical life expectancy of a transformer is twenty to forty years. This all depends on their application and environmental elements. Transformers can also fail due to misuse or overloading, so the age of a transformer is not always the critical factor. Read more here about life expectancy.

Transformer Refurbishment

R Baker (Electrical) Ltd aims to provide full turnkey transformer refurbishment solutions. We have over 34 years of experience in rewinding and repairing transformers.

Not only do we offer transformer refurbishment service, we can also reverse engineer damaged transformers. This means we can manufacture new transformers which are past being rewound. We can also work from drawings and winding specifications if required. This saves time and ensures your product is obsolescence proof. Our transformer team is one of the leading technical teams in the UK when it comes to transformer rewinds.

Transformer Maintenance

Our team also offer planned transformer maintenance with a wide range of national businesses. We can start a transformer maintenance programme from scratch or use existing data to provide ongoing support.

R Baker (Electrical) Ltd is based in Liverpool and is perfectly positioned to service the whole of the UK. We provide an effective, quality assured transformer rewind and repair service.

Our Services

Three phase transformer repair

We can refurbish and build transformers for unique applications. Our transformer technicians drive us to the forefront of transformer refurbishment and manufacturing in the UK. We are an independent British company offering world class transformer solutions.

Our in-house team refurbish and build bespoke transformers for use in commercial, rail, offshore and military applications. Regardless of brand or application, we can help with all transformer refurbishments. We can also reverse engineer damaged transformers within short turnaround periods. Our transformer team is one of the leading technical teams in the UK when it comes to transformer rewinds.

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