What does kVA mean?

What does kVA mean?

What does kVA mean?

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kVA stands for Kilovolt-Ampere and is the rating normally used to rate a transformer. The size of a transformer is determined by the kVA of the load. In many circumstances the power required by the load is equivalent to the rating of the transformer expressed in either VA or kVA. For example a 1KW (1000 Watts) load would require a 1kVA transformer @ unity power factor.

The Current that passes through transformer windings will determine the Copper Losses, whereas Iron Losses, Core Losses or Insulation Losses depends on voltage.

What rating do you require

There are a few different formulas which can be used to determine the size of a transformer. A useful formula is presented below.

When sizing a transformer it is important to determine the application. Depending if the application is three phase or single phase, this will determine which formula to use.

It is advised that the kVA of the transformer should be equal to or greater than the rating of the load to handle present requirements. The kVA rating will also be affected by the application of the load, for example motors may need an increased kVA rating.

Transformer Formulas

What is the Load Voltage

Load Voltage = ______________________

What is the Load Current (Amps)

Load Current/Amps = __________________

What is the Line Voltage (For three phase applications)

Line Voltage = ________________________

Single phase transformer

Volts x Amps / 1000 = ______ KVA

Three phase transformer

Volts x Amps x 1.732 / 10000 = ______ KVA

There are many useful tools online to aid you with transformer rating and design, here is a useful link; Transformer Basics

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