Our technical team can help to design, modify and reverse engineer to your specification.

Here at R Baker (Electrical) Ltd, we can offer a full range of transformer repair services 7 days a week from our main base in Liverpool. We’re known throughout the industry for excellence and our capability to deliver full turnkey systems, designed in house to suit each client’s unique needs. Our technical team work closely with our clients to ensure that we can design, modify and even reverse engineer to your exact specification. As well as full transformer repair, we can also offer electrical installation and reactive inspection and testing services.

Transformer repair and rewind service

Our transformer repairs team are always ready and able to deal with the full gamut of transformer repair or maintenance issues. We have a wealth of experience providing our services across a wide range of industry sectors and can repair and rewind transformers for the rail, nuclear, university and chemical industries. We recognise that each sector has its own unique requirements and our highly skilled technicians can meet your specific needs by working with and supporting your management team in planning solutions to all issues.

We can help you plan and implement your maintenance strategy from scratch or we can assist in solving problems with particular equipment and components. This means that when combined with our other repair and maintenance services, we can offer a complete solution from the planning and specification stage right through to execution and implementation, with everything being provided by us in house.

Onsite transformer maintenance services

R Baker (Electrical) Ltd provide onsite repair and maintenance services across all kinds of business sectors including factories, offshore vessels and even military vessels. Our hugely experienced electrical maintenance team specialise in the installation, cleaning, overhauling and repair of transformers up to 1MVA.

Servicing a range of electrical equipment all across the UK, we make a total commitment to our clients and always guarantee a cost effective and quality assured service. That covers everything from routine transformer maintenance up to full rewinds.

Transformer testing and oil sampling

Over time, transformers are prone to crucial problems which could potentially lead to failures. However, a proper programme of regular transformer oil testing can help to prevent this eventuality. Let our maintenance team assist you in planning a regular programme of inspections and record keeping to keep your plant in good working order. Such a programme will significantly reduce downtime in the event of failure and will drastically reduce the likelihood of you having to repair transformers in the first place.

Our transformer range

  • Current transformers
  • Auto transformers
  • Isolation transformers
  • Earthing transformers
  • Bushing transformers
  • Custom built transformers
  • Air cooled transformers
  • Air cooled transformers
  • Liquid cooled transformers (oil immersed)
  • Harmonic current reduction transformers
  • Step up and step down transformers
  • Delta/Star, Interconnected Star transformers
  • Auto wound, phase shifted scott & tapped delta transformers
  • Marine / offshore transformers
  • Transformer-rectifier units for D.C. power supplies
  • Military transformers / NSN / NATO transformers
  • Zone 1 and Zone 2 (Exd) hazardous areas transformers
  • Transformer maintenance programmes

Features benefits

  • Competitive prices
  • Manufacture of obsolete items
  • Highly trained staff
  • Bespoke solutions with technical advice
  • Safety a priory

Case studies

Onsite transformer repair

Our team attended our client's site to remove a three phase 750kVa transformer; which required one of the phases to be rewound. This was achieved with 5 day turnaround to ensure production was up and running as soon as possible.

Transformer maintenance

Our client had 9 power transformers onsite and required our team to carry out a full survey and inspection. This included oil sampling and visual inspection and issuing a full report. The report highlighted critical maintenance was required and was carried out to ensure our client had no downtime.

Product overview

Voltage up to 33KV

Cooling air (A/N) oil filling

Sectors all sectors

kVA up to 1mVA

Enclosure Up to IP66

Location UK